I was tasked with developing a concept for seasonal signage that Walmart could use throughout the year. Our signage gives our busy moms a little inspiration to make the season special.

The concept had to work overtime in this retail experience. The graphical approach needed to be own-able and distinctively Walmart, break through the visual clutter, display pricing, welcome customers, and help customers navigate as well as surprise and delight them.

In order to make it distinctively Walmart, we were asked to integrate the Walmart Spark logo into the design. So by using one "Sparkle" from the Spark, I created a system of icons. These icons were then used as exclamation points to proclaim the excitement of the season while also denoting what department you are in.

In order to help the signage contrast against the busy retail environment I used bright, bold colors and kept the vector icons and shapes minimalistic. Different color palettes are used for each department to help customers navigate the store experience.





entrance and department signage




Price point signage


icon pattern


other seasonal icons

Halloween, Fourth of July and Back to School