Happy Meal:
Step-It Activity bands

The Step-It activity bands were the first-ever fitness-themed Happy Meal toy, and to boot, it was produced by McDonald's itself. It's release was highly anticipated and McDonald's was eager to prove that this was not just another ordinary Happy Meal toy. Therefore, the design needed to reflect its maturity while still appealing to children.

I created two full Happy Meal kits while on the team. One retail kit refers to concepting and art directing the Happy Meal box, toy merchandisers, vestibule posters, indoor and drive-thru menu boards for one toy property. The task was concepting fun and creative Happy Meal boxes that would keep children engaged with the property long after the food was eaten. The resulting designs had to appease children, the clients and the partnering properties while also adhering to strict guidelines.

Illustrator: Allen Laseter


Happy meal packaging




vestibule poster


dairy frame and toy merchandiser


drive thru signage


menu board


happy customers