interactive wall

The task was to design an engaging wall mural display in Somos' corporate offices in Herndon, VA. As background, Somos sells "800" numbers to companies. The mural needed to be based on the company’s new values system and act as both a way to visually feature the brand in their office space AND as a spot for employees to submit ballots as part of their larger values program.

The mural needed to reinforce the company’s set of five values, offer an intuitive place to deposit ballots as employees nominate their peers, and show off the new brand.

The design I created was not only functional, but conceptual. The idea started with the thought that Somos sells communications. They sell the ability for a company to easily communicate with their consumers through an 800 number. The simplest representation of "communication" is a line between two points. So at the core, my concept uses the analogy ofthread connecting all the points (or nails) on the wall.

The mural was designed using hundreds of white nails that form a pattern made from their logo as well as the word "TOGETHER." The plexiglass ballot box holds the nomination forms on the side for easy access.

At the monthly ceremony, each nominee receives a colored string that correlates with the value they were nominated for. They will then add that string to the wall. It will serve as a real-time infographic of the company’s strengths. By working together, the word “TOGETHER” will become more beautiful as the company grows.


string colors

Inspired by the Somos brand colors, each string color correlates with each of the 5 company values.


The display/mural without the strings


nomination forms

By designing four to a page and 1-color, these forms can be printed cheaply and efficiently right in the office.